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UDSE aims to connect service providers and users via a leading online platforms

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UDSE Group Domains


The systematic method in the design of the educational environment; with the aim of reaching research results; and through the use of human and material resources; to increase the effectiveness of the educational process

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An organization that adopts true social responsibility, professionalizes economic equestrianism

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Technology and innovations that seek to compete with traditional financial methods when providing financial services

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The process by which a new project is created capable of producing goods and services, a process by which great ideas are transformed into reality that brings material and moral profits to the entrepreneur

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Money Transmissions

Within our range of services, we are pleased to offer you the best money transfer services around the world for free and as quickly as possible through our protected system within our digital platforms and through our contracts with international and local banks.

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Supporting Pioneering Ideas and Projects

We provide you with display and marketing of your services through our various platforms as well as we meet your special requests by displaying them to a wide range of Professionals in providing services.

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Digital Currencies Marketing

We have chosen for you the best new future currencies, so take advantage of the opportunity to search on our platforms and learn about the different digital currencies.

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Electronic Banking

Digital exchange (bartering) is a new idea in the digital currency market. It is somewhat similar to traditional exchange, but it differs from it as that it deals with the transfer of one currency for another through a special platform.

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Exchange of Digital Services

For the first time in the world... and because you deserve... to make your life easier... we present to you "X-Coin Walt"! Exclusively for our subscribers through our website and platforms.

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Financial Advisory

Our platform offers free consultations to its users in various fields which are: - Financial advices - Conducting feasibility studies

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What is UDSE

A group specialized in the digital services sector We seek solutions to help digital experts to provide their services in an effective and innovative way

UDSE Group specializes in the field of fıntech and digital solutions, headquartered in Turkey/Istanbul. Founded in 2021 with more than ten years of experience in financial consulting, software solutions, payment systems and international education,


Get to know FinTech

Technology and innovations that seek to compete with traditional financial methods when providing financial services


We have selected for you the best new future currencies so take the opportunity to search our platforms and learn about different digital currencies.

Our choice of these currencies is based on experience in the fields of market and economic and financial analysis of the markets as it is also based on accumulated experiences and expertise and keeping abreast of the movement of the market and the points of hitting the targets of indicators for currencies in general and digital currencies in particular.

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