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An organization that adopts true social responsibility, professionalizes economic equestrianism

Types of Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental responsibility is to follow environmental safety as much as possible, and is the most common form of corporate social responsibility, and can be done through the following: pollution reduction, public waste, and water consumption. Increase the use of renewable energy resources. Minimizing the negative impact on the environment by planting trees and funding related research. 

 It is an ethical responsibility for companies to make decisions based on ethical and correct decisions, and not just to follow the law, that is, by following everything that business owners deem fair to employees, such as companies paying their employees more than the minimum wage to compensate them, in addition to providing education and training benefits, health insurance, or paid leave, which helps to improve the living conditions of employees.

The legal responsibility is for commercial establishments to know and comply with local and international laws, and this is by following the text of the law of their subordinate country, and must also comply with the rules of the regulatory bodies of their products, for example if the company specializes in the sale of children’s toys it must ensure that the specifications of these toys comply with all safety regulations specified by regulatory bodies.

 Charitable responsibility includes all charitable work carried out by commercial institutions with the aim of helping those in need and leaving a positive imprint in society, such as companies donating to charities related to the company’s work and goals, or donating to other charities that are not related to the company’s business, examples of which are: funding educational programs. Supporting health initiatives. Supporting community projects.

Economic responsibility is the keenness of companies to make all financial decisions that have a positive impact on the environment, individuals, and society, not to have their sole goal of increasing profits, it is important to achieve all other types of corporate social responsibility.