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Education Technology

The systematic method in the design of the educational environment; with the aim of reaching research results; and through the use of human and material resources; to increase the effectiveness of the educational process

Areas of Educational Technology

This field deals with the design of educational programs, the design of educational materials and strategies, and the writing of educational texts taking into account the characteristics of learners when designing

Addresses production and development issues such as printed materials, production of audiovisual programs, computer technology applications such as multimedia technology, computer assistant in education, multimedia including hypermedia, interactive means (interactive video) and other integrated technologies that interact with each other and join hands to achieve educational goals.

In this area, educational technology takes care of the employment of means and the use of educational media in its subjects, as well as the dissemination and follow-up of educational innovations and the establishment of systems and policies necessary for the application and practice of education.

 This field is concerned with the management of projects, administrative resources, exchange and communication systems, the management of information and knowledge and the organization of their sources.

 This field takes care of the analysis and treatment of educational problems, results, levels, follow-up and their possibilities, and also takes care of the reference measurement to a standard, as well as attention to the formative evaluation and the comprehensive or final evaluation

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